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In the Field with Team Habitat

The photographs (below) and video (to the right) show Team Habitat performing the seeding of a 4-acre wildflower meadow in the fall of 2015.

For this project, the Truax FLXII-88 Grass Drill was used to seed four acres with a custom seed mix of wildflowers.

The seed box of the Grass Drill used for this project, accommodates the “fluffy” seeds of native wildflowers.

SJRCD’s tractor is used to pull and guide the Grass Drill.

A shot of the disc openers and press wheel which allow the seed to come in direct contact with the soil.

A photograph of the seeding area after a pass by the Grass Drill.  The Grass Drill is able to open up the soil, deposit the seed and then close the opening.

Check back in the spring for photographs of the wildflowers.

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