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SJRCD's Team Habitat

Team Habitat's Mission


The Mission of Team Habitat is to coordinate the creation, enhancement, and maintenance of habitat for all wildlife species that live in or migrate through New Jersey.

Who we are and What we do


Team Habitat is a group of dedicated individuals from various natural resource agencies and organizations working to provide habitat for all wildlife species in New Jersey.  We do this by coordinating the creation, enhancement, and maintenance of wildlife habitat throughout New Jersey.


Team Habitat uses wildlife biologists and natural resource professionals to direct a paid and volunteer work force in creating and restoring wildlife habitats.


Team Habitat members include professional wildlife biologists, who will work with you – the landowner or manager – to develop a wildlife management plan for your property.

Benefits of Native Habitats



  • Creates habitat for birds, wildlife and pollinators

  • Improves soil health and water infiltration and reduces soil compaction



  • Reduces maintenance costs over traditional landscapes



  • Offers educational opportunities for schools, environmental commissions and green teams

Services Provided


  • Light or Heavy Disking

  • Light or Heavy Brush Hogging Mowing

  • Herbicide Treatment

  • Seeding – cool-season grasses

  • Seeding – warm-season grasses

  • Seeding – food plot

  • Riparian Planting

For Estimates or to Find out More about Team Habitat


Contact SJRCD

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